PG SOFT™ had successfully wrapped up ICE 2018. After days of hard work, the PG SOFT™ team is thrilled and excited to announce that this year's show was a success, the team had achieved promising results and made a breakthrough compared to last year.

The PG SOFT™ team spent countless days and nights paving the way, preparing for the show. Nevertheless, the game development team had never stopped working on bringing the best quality and experience to the line of PG SOFT™ mobile games! With an expert team of developers, PG SOFT™ strives to produce the best products. PG SOFT™ is once again the focus of the exhibition, laying a solid foundation for the road ahead.

Being one of the main exhibitors, PG SOFT™ had a large high definition screen erected at the centre of the booth, offering a massive visual attraction to the booth. Banking on previous experience, PG SOFT™ had a better managed booth setup this year. Since the first day of the exhibition, the PG SOFT™ booth had been very popular and had seen an amazing amount of visitors. The Tournament, Lucky Draw, and Claw Crane Machines events were amazingly popular, creating a queue of excited visitors trying out their luck. In particular, the Tournament, conducted during several sessions each day, was a big highlight at the booth, creating a highly exciting mood, the crowd cheering along for the contestants.

Looking at all the happy and smiling faces of the contestants that brought home their winning prizes such as iPhone X, Samsung S8, iPad Mini, Apple Watch and many other generous prizes given out, PG SOFT™ team members know that they have progressed in the final aim of bringing entertainment, endless joy and happiness to everyone!

Over the course of three days during the exhibition, PG SOFT™'s multitude of latest products had drawn the attraction of visitors. Based on the feedback gathered, visitors were amazed by the impressive graphics and artwork in Medusa 2, one of PG SOFT™'s masterpieces. The interesting new gameplay style in Steam Punk: The Wheel of Destiny, a mysterious wheel of fortune game, received a vote of confidence from the visitor too! Peas Fairy attracted the attention of most of the ladies, as they claimed it is a refreshing and therapeutic game, most likely due to its soothing artwork and matching background music. Win Win Won on the other hand, was applauded for its simple and easy to master gameplay. With such valuable feedback gathered on the exhibition floor, it helps PG SOFT™ improve for the better, based on the preferences and needs of the players.

Undoubtedly, PG SOFT™'s attendance at this grand exhibition is to promote the latest trends in mobile gaming. In addition to the existing line of clients, the PG SOFT™ booth had also attracted a number of new clients . As one of the world's premier mobile game developers, PG SOFT™ strives to work side by side with clients to climb new heights and staying at the forefront of the industry!

Last but not least, PG SOFT™ would like to send heartfelt gratitude to the elite team behind the success of the exhibition, for every member of the team had worked tirelessly and shown a great amount of effort in his or her work, painting a beautiful and successful future for the company.